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Oct 10, 2012 6:00am EDT
conservatiie majority on the coort -- doos that meaa education may be on the ccopping block? coming up... household leaners that get the job done... with just one bottle.but do they really work? conssmer rpports has the &panswer... next. hoospot... nothing says fall like "oktoberfest."a sneek peek aa the beee samplings being ffered this're all local.. alllmorning. 3((break 7)) ccnsumer reports has cleaned up hundreds of stainssto uncover the best all-purpose cleaner. find out which cleaner mess tests... and whether they live up to thh claims. 3 chyron:tv commercial(sot: of dollars a year on countless - housshold cleaners?" chyroo:tv commerciaa(soo: commerrial) "not all cleaners are created make gleaming promises about - consumer reports cut through the hypeeby conducting tough tests on 19 all--urpose likk clorox, lysol, and pine-sol. testtrs slather tiles with stubborn stains like graae juice, mustard, ketchup, and grease. they also spray a soap scum ressdue on bathrrom tiles. then the direcced. (sot)"most say you just spray them on and wipe. otherr are a little bit more labor
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1